Latinx games festival 2020

November 21 & 22, 2020

Latinx Games Festival is the definitive video game industry event for Latinx game development, and provides the Latinx game development community a platform for global opportunities.

Highlighting Latinx industry professionals on panels and Q&A’s on our livestream will show the world that we’re already here, and what skills and tools are needed to exist and thrive in this industry. Showcasing an Arcade of Latinx produced games curated locally and around the world will lead to a richer, more mature video game industry and one that positively impacts the future of Latinx game development. We aim to cover a range of topics not only important to Latinx game developers, but the video game industry as a whole.

Join us on November 21-22 for 2 days of talks, games and art at the 2nd annual Latinx Games Festival – the definitive video game event exploring the opportunities, trends and future of latinx game development! Hope to see you there!




November 21, 2020

10:30 am pst

Opening Ceremony

11:00 am pst

Panel: Production

12:40 pm pst

Panel: Marketing

1:50 pm pst

Panel: Game Design

4:30 pm pst


November 22, 2020

12:00 Pm PST

Opening Ceremony

12:05 Pm PST

Panel: Latinx in Gaming Retrospective

1:15 Pm PST

Panel: Engineering

2:35 Pm PST

Panel: Art

3:35 Pm PST

Panel: Audio


Panel: Art

Panel: Art

Dan Rosas Paulsen

Animator, Valve

I’m a 3D Animator at Valve, born and raised in Mexico City, now living in Seattle. Back in Mexico City, I helped put the Kerbals in Kerbal Space Program while working with the team that shipped the game on Steam in 2015. I also worked as part of a production team on a few animated short films that have received recognition in international festivals including the Guadalajara International Film Festival and the Morelia International Film Festival.  Teaching animation was also a big part of my life, handling a few classes for undergraduate and graduate students at the Universidad Panamericana and the University of the Incarnate Word.  I have an MA in 3D Computer Animation from Bournemouth University, and enjoyed a lot of fish and chips and pints while living in the UK.  In my spare time, I used to play the piano on theater-cabaret plays in Mexico, where we used to tackle social, economic and political issues in Mexico through clown and comedy.


Gracie Arenas Strittmatter

Technical Art Director & Deputy Director of Art and Animation, BioWare

Gracie Arenas Strittmatter is Technical Art Director and Deputy Director of Art and Animation at BioWare, a division of Electronic Arts (EA), in Austin, Texas. A 12-year veteran of the gaming industry and professional problem solver, she currently works on Star Wars: The Old Republic and holds credits on AAA titles including Anthem, Madden NFL, NBA Live, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour. She is passionate about leadership development, problem solving, programming, art tools development in Python and C#, collaborating with artists, leading distributed teams, team building, effective communication, and career management. As the first female university graduate in her family, she advocates the power of education and the value of women and minorities in tech. Gracie serves as global co-chair for EA’s Hispanic/Latino Employee Resource Group, Somos EA, and has volunteered with ACM SIGGRAPH for nearly two decades. She volunteers in the community to introduce students to careers in games and serves on the industry board for the Texas A&M Department of Visualization. She is originally from San Antonio, Texas and holds a BS in Computer Science and a MS in Visualization Sciences from Texas A&M University.


BRYAN DIMAS (moderator)

Co-Founder & Co-Director, LatinX in Animation

Bryan Dimas is an animation production professional with experience in feature animation production, 2D and CG animation television development and production, and project management. He has contributed to various projects that include “Trolls World Tour”, “The Boss Baby 2″, “3Below: Tales of Arcadia”, “Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia”, and “Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh.” He has worked for animation studios that include DreamWorks Animation and Warner Bros. Animation. He grew up in Houston, Texas and attended the University of Notre Dame where he studied Electrical Engineering and Film, Television, and Theatre with a concentration in Film Production. He is particularly interested in the development and production of animation, and promoting diversity and inclusivity in Animation and STEM fields.
 He is currently the Development Production Manager at Warner Bros. Animation.

Panel: Game Design

Panel: Game Design


Associate Game Designer, Dots

Sandra is an immigrant, previously undocumented, Latinx woman. Currently, she is an Associate Game Designer at Dots, a mobile game studio located in NYC. She works on the casual puzzle game Two Dots. Before Dots, Sandra was a student at New York University where she graduated with a BFA in Game Design and Dramatic Writing.


Elaine Gómez

Designer, E-Line Media

Elaine is a Puerto Rican -Dominican passionate game designer and developer currently working at indie game studio E-Line Media. She is also co-founder of Latinx in Gaming, a non-profit organization creating a community and amplifying the voices for Latinx game industry professionals in the US and Latin America. She has a heart for young people and a deep desire to give back to the community by being the change she wants to see.


John R. Diaz

Senior Technical Game Designer, Electronic Arts

John is a 1st generation Dominican-American who graduated from Full Sail University in 2006 with a B.S. in Game Design & Development. He’s been a Game Designer for studios all around North America including Midway Games Austin, Rockstar San Diego, WB Games Montreal, Amazon, and now Electronic Arts in Seattle. As a designer on EA’s Frostbite engine, John is driven to design tools to empower developers to build the most engaging games imaginable. He promotes inclusivity and diversity while sharing his experiences to help other developers break in.


Co-Organizer, Latinx Games Festival 2020

Juan Morales-Rocha graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a B.A. in Art & Design: Games + Playable Media, as well as a B.S. in Cognitive Science: Artificial Intelligence/Human-Computer Interaction.

Panel: Engineering

Panel: Engineering

Denise Martinez

Software EngineerRiot Games

Denise Martinez is a software engineer at Riot Games on the Riot Client team. Denise graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and was the first in her family to graduate from college. She also volunteers with Microsoft TEALS, teaching computer science at Brio College Prep in Los Angeles.

Oscar Sanchez

Senior Software Engineer, PlayStation

Oscar is a developer at Sony and has been working on PlayStation since 2016, crafting social and game experiences you might have enjoyed including PS+, Communities and some new upcoming features you’ll enjoy this holiday season. Born and raised in Miami (where his parents immigrated to), he was spoiled with an incredible amount of delicious latin american food and has been working on finding the best bay area restaurants to replicate that.

While his dad really did always want him to become a baseball legend, his parents were really supportive when he found his love for math, which he studied in college and led him to join the tech industry. From working on developer APIs, the music industry, and even a non-profit, he gained useful and thoughtful skills on how to build better things for all people.

Carlos Macias

Software Engineer, Niantic

Software Engineer at Niantic currently working on Ingress. I’ve been in the mobile game industry for more than 7 years and I’m familiar with Unity and C#. I can provide Software Engineering best practices for creating enjoyable game experiences.

Cesar Gonzalez

Game Engineer, Niantic Labs

I am a self-taught programmer with a degree in universal literature from the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia.

Been in the game industry for a decade now, doing everything from localization QA to (currently) game engineering. I’ve worked on facebook games, mods, gamejams, AAA-multiplatform titles, apps and pretty much everything in between.

Coraly Rosario (moderator)

Senior UX Designer, Niantic

Hailing from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, Coraly’s adventure started over 12 years ago when she first took an interest in graphic design and teaching. Later, her innate interests naturally evolved into a love affair with UI/UX in games, working with companies like Beyond Games (Brink of War), Fingerprint Play (Samsung Kids), and continuing to teach others about user research and experience design in the games industry.

Panel: Audio

Panel: Audio

Alyssa Menes

Composer/Music Educator, Independent

Alyssa Menes is a composer, sound designer and music educator from New Jersey. She’s created audio for games such as Blackwell Epiphany, Pixel Prison Blues, and Just Cause 4. In addition to teaching and composing, she also runs the Montclair Gamer Symphony Orchestra, a community orchestra in her home state of New Jersey dedicated to playing arrangements of video game music.

Estefanía Romero-Cors

Video Games Composer & Front End Developer, Freelance

Estefanía is a Video Games Composer and Front-End Developer. She also Co-Organizes Women Game Jam Chile since 2019.

She’s worked in Game Audio professionally since 2018, and is a full time Front End Developer since 2019.
She also writes about video games in

Jazmín Giolito

Sound Designer & Composer, Aruna Collective, Tiluchi Games & Freelance

Jazmín Giolito is an Argentinian audio professional dedicated to audio for the interactive media. A firm believer in the importance of communities, she is the Leader Organizer of Women Game Jam Argentina, board member of Rosario GameDevs, and newsletter writer for Women in Games Argentina. Co-founder of two indie studios, she has also worked as a sound designer, VO director, and composer for studios from Sweden, Latvia, Israel, and Poland.

María José Félix

Composer, Sky Rose Music LLC

María José Félix is a composer born and raised in Puebla, México. She holds a Bachelor in music from the University of the Americas Puebla (UDLAP) and a Master’s Degree in Film Composition from the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program lead by two time Emmy Award winning composer Hummie Mann. She moved to Seattle in 2015 and since then her music has appeared in television, short films, video games, apps, and other media. María José always treasures every opportunity she has to share her heritage through music and she hopes to keep inspiring people and sharing her music with the world.


Co-Organizer, Latinx Games Festival 2020

Jonathan is a father, game developer, and sound designer from Watsonville California currently working on indie games and supporting a games & HCI research center at the University of California Santa Cruz.

Panel: Production

Panel: Production

Caroline Guevara

Content producer, Firaxis Games

Caroline Guevara is a content producer for Firaxis Games where she oversees artists ranging from concept to character modeling and technical animation. Her day-to-day work includes cross discipline collaboration and setting milestone goals for her teams. Previous work includes Teen Titans GO! Figure and Powerpuff Girls: Flipped Out! which have both won multiple awards including Apple Game of the Day. 

Guevara holds a bachelor of fine arts degree in computer game design from George Mason University and a master of science in digital media from Drexel University. In her graduate career, Guevara focused on how games evoke strong emotions and can encourage social change, which resulted in recognition of her research thesis. She enjoys hiking and baking in her spare time, and mentoring young game devs.

Dianna Lora

Account Manager – Productions, Ubisoft/ Massive Entertainment

Dianna Lora is a Bronx, NYC Chica at heart (Yerr) currently residing in Malmo, Sweden. Before working in gaming, Dianna was a performer who played a slew of interesting characters, learned how to fall out of buildings, and partook in the occasional swashbuckling. She has more than 12 years of experience in the Gaming industry as a writer, host, producer, and now, as an Account Manager at Ubisoft.

Massive. She’s produced her own video game TV show, started a podcast “before it was cool,” and worked at companies like Sony, Deep Silver, ASTRO Gaming, and now, Ubisoft.
Dianna has always been driven by her deep and profound passion for helping others. She makes it her mission to reach back and bring people with her who are looking for that opportunity that she’s tirelessly pushing for. She fully believes in advocating for others, fighting for impactful change in gaming, and elevating new voices.

You can find her on Twitter: @GrlpantsGR, or taking endless pictures of her cat Luna and dog Vega, or desperately dreaming of a BEGORNSEPKHS. Dianna would like to thank her family and friends for their endless love and support. ¡Sin Ti Soy Nada!

Gaby Ponce

Producer, Turn 10 Studios

Gaby Ponce is a producer at Turn 10 Studios working on internal tools for the artists, animators, and developers of the Forza Motorsport team. Before that she was a program manager at Xbox, building social experiences for gamers to make meaningful connections with other players. Originally from Southern California she graduated with a degree in Computer Science from UC San Diego and decided to pursue game development to combine her passions for culture, art, and technology. As a leader of the Team Xbox Latinx community, she hopes to help others navigate and succeed within the gaming industry.


Co-Organizer, Latinx Games Festival 2020

Jasmine Aguilar (she/they) is a video game and event producer leading diverse teams to success since 2015. Being a genderqueer femme and a child of Latinx immigrants, Jasmine is also a proud advocate for marginalized communities in tech.

Panel: Marketing

Panel: Marketing

Edaleen Cruz

Community Lead, Singularity 6

Edaleen Cruz is the Community Lead at Singularity 6. She has over seven years of experience in the industry having worked as a community manager for the Overwatch and Diablo communities in Latin America. A fierce advocate for gamers and devs, she believes video games can be a force for good in the world. She is also the biggest blood elf fan you will ever meet.

Jorge Albor

Senior Content Marketing Producer, Ubisoft

Jorge Albor is a Sr. Content Marketing Producer at Ubisoft working on a variety of brands and genres. He earned his MA studying social impact games and celebrates gaming weekly as a host on the Experience Points Podcast.

Manny Pérez

Associate Community Manager, Bethesda

Manny Pérez joined Bethesda Softworks as an Associate Community Manager two years ago. Growing up playing FPS games like DOOM and Wolfenstein, Manny loves being part of the wonderful teams working on RAGE 2, DOOM Eternal, and DEATHLOOP. Outside of work, you can find Manny cooking his mom’s recipes, re-reading the Lord of the Rings, and working on his salsa dancing.


Co-Organizer, Latinx Games Festival 2020

Venisia Gonzalez is a video game industry contractor, published author, freelance entertainment journalist, public relations manager and copy editor. She’s passionate about building brands and vast communities to forge everlasting relationships.

Panel: Latinx in Gaming Retrospective

Panel: Latinx in Gaming Retrospective

Cristina Amaya

Event Manager, Team Liquid/ President & Co-founder, Latinx in Gaming

Cristina is an Event Manager at Team Liquid with a passion for building gaming communities and providing gamers with fun, engaging and unique experiences. She’s been in the industry for 5 years working at companies like Twitch, Discord and is a competitive Kirby main.

Juan Vaca

Narrative Designer, Netflix/ Vice President & Co-founder, Latinx in Gaming

Juan is an Award-winning Narrative Designer at Netflix. He is an advocate for authentic representation and recognizes games can be a powerful tool for creating empathy through interactive storytelling.

Joe Tirado

Comms lead at System Era/ Strategic Director & Co-founder, Latinx in Gaming

Joe is the comms lead at System Era, developer of Astroneer. Before that, he worked as a journalist at various gaming outlets.

Judith Barbosa

NY Specialist, Red Bull Gaming/ Community Strategist & Co-founder, Latinx in Gaming

Judy is the head of NYC League of Legends, League of Libations, Overwatch Overpour, and has made it her passion to bring people together for the sake of gaming.

Elaine Gomez

Game Designer at E-Line Media/ Developer Relations & Co-founder, Latinx in Gaming

Elaine is a Game Designer at E-Line Media, independent Unity developer and games educator. She enjoys connecting with people and helping them find pathways towards their goals. Elaine teaches at Rutgers University and at E-Line Media’s youth game studio initiative, Make Room. She is an avid player of first person shooters and likes anything pink.

Fernando Reyes Medina

Multiplayer Game Designer, 343 Industries/ Latam Director & Co-founder, Latinx in Gaming

Fernando Reyes Medina is a Multiplayer Game Designer at 343 Industries, creating exciting new experiences for the upcoming Halo Infinite. Born and raised in Mexico City, he graduated with a Computer Science from Tecnologico de Monterrey. Before his time at Halo, Fernando was a Software Engineer in Xbox shipping different features for the Xbox Platform. In his free time, he loves to dance, paint, play music and make experimental games.

JASON VEGA (moderator)

Founder & Executive Director, Latinx Games Festival

Jason Vega is a New York City born and raised entrepreneur currently residing in Long Beach, California. He is passionate around building strategies to cultivate healthy, reciprocal relationships focused on amplifying underrepresented diverse voices and fostering an inclusive environment in video games, entertainment, and STEM.